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I was called to the Ontario bar in 1996 and, since that time, I have been involved in all kinds of estate issues from estate planning to acting as executor and advising executors to estate litigation.  My practice is now focused on estate litigation which I enjoy because it allows me to use my skill and experience to help my clients with their estate problems.  Estate litigation is a unique kind of litigation.  It has its own rules and conventions and is often complex and deeply personal.  I am able to use my knowledge and experience in this area to solve problems for people.

I have carefully built my law practice so that I am able to do two things: First, I am able to deal with my clients one-on-one throughout the course of a case (including an ability to return telephone calls and e-mails) and Second so that I can tailor a customized strategy for each person who comes through my door.  I approach all of my cases with a focus on providing value to my clients.  I prepare my cases for trial and, at the same time, I pursue resolution for my clients through negotiation.  I have found that having my client’s case prepared for trial is the best way to achieve a favourable result in a negotiation.

I wrote a text book for law clerks in the area of estates which is published by Emond Montgomery and is now in its 4th printing and I often take calls from other lawyers who have questions about some of the more difficult areas in estate litigation.  I am also a former instructor for the Ontario Law Clerks and these experiences, I think, have made me easy to talk to about these kinds of issues.

Since 2015 I have been a mediator specifically in estate disputes.  With over 20 years of estates experience it allows me to uncover issues and lead parties to a meeting of minds.